Online Counselling

In an ideal world counselling and psychotherapy are best conducted in person.  However, if this is not a viable option for you receiving counselling online can offer you a counselling experience that is very close to the traditional face-to-face format, in that it allows the Therapist and Client to see and hear one another as if they were in the same room.

What are the benefits?

Online counselling sessions can be a great alternative to face-to-face sessions if you:

  • have difficulty with mobility
  • live rurally
  • have difficulty leaving your home for other reasons
  • are looking for a specific type of counselling or therapy, and are unable to find anyone suitable in your area
  • have limited time and do not have time to travel to and from sessions
  • are an English speaking person living away from your home.

How to get the most out of your online counselling experience

  • Ensure you have a good quality webcam – being able to see one another clearly improves the flow of communication and enhances and contributes to the quality of the therapeutic relationship
  • Create a private space for yourself free of distractions and where you will not be interrupted, or distracted, by children, television, telephones, etc.

When online counselling is not suitable

Online counselling sessions are not suitable if you are experiencing acute distress or are in danger of hurting yourself and/or others, as my ability to ensure that you and others remain safe may be limited by the geographical distance.¬† Should this apply to you, I would urge you to seek medical or psychiatric assistance immediately so that you’re able to receive the appropriate level of support and assistance you need.