About Simone

Counselling in Shropshire, UKCP, Transactional Analysis
Simone Mellor-Clark
MSc (Psych), UKCP Reg.

My private practice, Counselling in Shropshire offers a safe, supportive, caring, non-judgemental and confidential space for clients to be able to explore, express and reflect on their problems or concerns.

I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and provide counselling and psychotherapy to reflect this by personally tailoring treatment and sessions to meet clients individual or couple needs.

My experiences both as a therapist, and as a client myself, have convinced me that talking about your problems or concerns with someone professionally trained to actively listen and to respond to you in a particular way can be very helpful.  Talking therapies won’t necessarily ‘cure’ you, or erase a painful past, but they can help and equip you to face life’s inevitable ups and downs with greater ease and acceptance, and perhaps pave the way for further positive change and growth.

I offer different levels of ongoing therapeutic support, from time-limited focused counselling for specific issues, to open-ended psychotherapy for long-term or recurrent difficulties with roots in the past.

In order to make sure that therapy is helping, I invite clients’ to ‘monitor’ their progress by filling in an questionnaire at regular intervals. This helps me to get the therapy right for the client and supports their active involvement, and commitment in everything that we do.

Appointments are available during the day, and early evening.